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Effortlessly smarter with Niko connected switch.

Thanks to the Niko connected switch potion, you are now becoming effortlessly smarter. You are here because you have received the potion. And of course now you want to know if it actually worked. First, please confirm that you did in fact consume the potion.


In theory, you are now far more intelligent than the average person. If everything is working, then the potion has now activated an additional electrical circuit in your brain. The brain-circuit test is the only true way to measure whether or not the potion has worked on you.


It is highly unusual that anyone who has not consumed the potion is suddenly much smarter than the average person. After all, the potion activates an additional electrical circuit in your brains. We therefore strongly advise you not to take the test. First, go to and thoroughly research the information there. After ample study and dedication, you may have a shot at passing the test.

Need some help?

Complete the brain circuit by placing the missing synapses (those are the straight conneciton pieces) between the right neurons (those are the little white dots).

First try dragging this line to the right spot:


Without a shadow of a doubt: the potion has worked amazingly well. Tasks that seem difficult to other people are super-easy for you. You are now completely ready to better serve your customers.

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Game over

It is clear that no additional electrical circuits have been activated in your brain. Tasks that are a piece of cake for people who have consumed the potion are a serious challenge for you.

There is only one remedy for your condition: go directly to the wholesaler and request a Niko connected switch starter kit to begin working with it at home. With this slight detour, you still have a shot at becoming effortlessly smarter.